Your Next Meeting Needs a Beekeeper

Everyone wants productive meetings. Often people come together in meetings and fall into a predictable pattern of behavior. The same people speak, the interaction is routine, the outcome is known, and the results are less than stellar. Instead of complaining about your next meeting, why not do somethings differently? I offer the metaphor of a …

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Introduction to High Performing Teams

The High Performing Teams Workshop Overview and Design Teams and team building are the critical concepts we cover in this half-day workshop. We offer a unique experience that illustrates the journey teams take on their way to high performance. Not many teams get there. Most give up somewhere along the way and become satisfied with …

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Facilitating Collaboration

One of our long term partners – Group Mind Express offers a great assortment of collaboration tools that we have used for over two decades. Their tools get better over time as well as easier to use and more intuitive. We feature these tools in our Facilitation Mastery Series.