Reading People and Groups


Would you like to increase your Influence with the key people in your life?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so action-oriented, while others wait and reason everything out? Or why some people just run when conflict arises? This is your opportunity to understand the characteristics and typical behaviors that everyone displays, and learn how you can expand your ability to work as part of a group while valuing individual differences.

The LIFO® training session begins by helping you to understand your basic orientation to life and work, as well as the orientations of those that you interact with on a daily basis. You can rely on new knowledge that shows your basic orientation to life- what we call your “personal style”- or strengths, and you can learn new skills to maximize to your effectiveness in communicating with others.

LIFO® Training focuses on what’s positive about leaders, teams, and individuals. The LIFO® Method teaches you how to unlock the hidden potential of individuals and teams. LIFO® describes four orientations to personal behavior: Supporting Giving, Controlling Taking, Conserving Holding, and Adapting Dealing. These styles are presented along a low to high range scale and individuals most likely have a personal style that embraces a variety of these orientations. You are not boxed into a label, but rather your behavior flows among them given the circumstances of daily life. The program also shows your behavioral styles under stress. By fully understanding and learning how you can use and expand the use of your styles under different circumstances and with different people, you can enhance your professional career.

A one-day training program will allow you to explore how you can make more of your strengths and minimize ineffective behavior. During the session, participants will learn how to make decisions, deal with stress, implement personal growth plans, manage time and create an environment where you can feel rewarded and encouraged.

This is a unique opportunity to focus on you and expand your core abilities. Don’t miss out!

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