Robert McNeil

Rob is the President and founder of McNeil Consulting Inc. Rob has worked in the field of management and organizational consulting since 1980.

He works with organizations large and small, global and local. He created the company in 1987 based on the work of his teachers, Allan Drexler, Marv Weisbord, Elsie Y Cross, and Will Schutz. The company helps organizations to lead successful change efforts, build high performing teams, align their business strategy, and develop their leaders in the service of their customers.

Prior to starting McNeil Consulting Inc., Rob coauthored Teaching Patient Relations in Hospitals and helped to start the patient relations movement. Rob also founded the Client and Field Education Professional Services Department at Shared Medical Systems.

To contact Rob, call him at 610-331-4187 or email him at rob@robertmcneil.com. 



McNeil Consulting Inc. 

McNeil Consulting Inc., formed in 1987, helps organizations improve their results through the direct application of proven social science methods, techniques, and practices. McNeil Consulting Inc. creates real value by helping our clients to increase engagement, build trust, improve productivity, align business strategy, and elevate their customer experience.

Most recently, McNeil Consulting Inc. signed on to being an affiliate of The Schutz Company. This affiliation with a preeminent leader in the field of organizational development resulted in a significant expansion of our offer and the means to help other consultants gain expertise in a variety of critical consulting areas. We are pleased to announce that our offerings are enhanced significantly by being “powered by The Human Element.”



Christine McNeil

Chris brings together diverse clients to build teams, create strategic plans and gain consensus. She has led large multiple-year strategic planning initiatives as well as campaigns for change efforts and revitalization projects. Chris is certified in LIFO Life Orientations, which fosters high performance for individuals and teams by focusing on our strengths and the strengths of key people in our lives. She also holds certifications in Staff Consulting Skills by Designed Learning and the Drexler Sibbit Team Performance Systems.

She has an extensive public service background with a concentration on local, regional and federal planning and grants administration and fund raising.

To contact Chris, call her at 610-613-3664 or chrismcneil@mac.com.