Virtual Hive

The Virtual Hive


The Virtual Hive is a simple set of powerful web tools that work silently in the background. Your meeting content remains first and foremost. The Hive allows you to add an interactive dimension to your meetings easily and quickly.

With The Hive you can collect comments and feedback instantly from any group, at any time and any place. You can:

  • Brainstorm
  • Vote
  • Prioritize
  • Hold discussions
  • Survey

Your audience can use their smart phones, kindles, tablets, iPads and laptops. All they need is a device that can connect to the Internet. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is how we describe these meetings to participants.

Each Hive meeting is designed with the help of our meeting consultant. Together with you we design a series of interactive exercises that fit seamlessly into your presentation.

The Hive is made for meeting participation. By using it you can transform your static, one-way communication meeting into:

  • An interactive event that engages and excites your audience
  • Turn your passive audience into active participating members and give a voice to introverts and extroverts alike
  • Level the playing field by enabling every opinion to count

The Hive is great for engaging, aligning, and unifying your team, department, or organization.

The Hive saves money and reduces the time and increases productivity exponentially at meetings. For example, before going to break outs, the participants can brainstorm ideas for each break out instantly. When the groups break out they will have a great start based on the ideas of all the participants. And because we network the entire meeting, there is no need for those paper flip charts. We eliminate all the paper and make your meeting less paper dependent. Everything is saved and retrievable after the meeting. We eliminate all the typing of flip charts and the time wasted putting them into a readable format.

The Hive works anywhere and at any time. With your guidance we can collect ideas from your participants before the meeting, integrate them into your presentation, allow comments during the meeting and hang the results on a collaborative hive site after the meeting. The Hive even allows participation by teams that are not in the room via a video connection.

The Hive is secure.  Your data and information is yours. We have worked very hard to create a powerful and secure experience for your work. In over twenty years we have never had a breach of our client’s data.

This description touches the surface of what we can do for you. We would love to come and show you what’s possible and discuss your meeting needs. We are certain you will leave with a new understanding of what’s possible at your meetings


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