Survey Fatigue? Here Is One Answer

Here is an example of merging Design Thinking with Action-Oriented Research.

Instead of sending out that survey again and trying to boost your response rate, why not try something different? Send everyone you want to survey only one question, “What are the questions we should be asking ourselves?” What you will discover is that the responses will create themes – ideas that are core, common and consistent.

Next, create a Theme Team to organize the data into 6-10 open-ended questions that reflect the critical issues the large group feels they need to answer.

Convene a large meeting; this will upstage your usual “Town Hall.” Run a “Real Time Interview” Session where everyone gets to ask each other the questions formulated by the Theme Team.

Create small groups of people who had the same question. Give them the assignment to organize their data into Truths, Trends, and Unique ideas. Tell them to present their findings via a skit along with a report that contains the details. The skits will be remembered long after the meeting. We still recall skits that turned organizations around twenty years later.

Form action groups to take on mission-critical discoveries made during the session. Create prototypes for testing and set up a process for presenting ideas, projects, etc.

End with the CEO or COO convening a fireside chat where he or she openly acknowledges the effort and the work from the entire group.

Convene a Zoom meeting where you show a video highlight of the event to those who could not attend and invite them to participate either with their ideas or joining one of the action groups.

Or, send out your survey and hope your response rate is higher than last year. If any of this interests you. Contact us for more details. You can also read how to do it Here.

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